Our Portfolios

Traphagen offers portfolio strategies for all levels of risk tolerance and return needs from the most conservative to near S&P 500 risk level strategies. Even though our portfolios are unique on a security by security basis all are governed by the same asset allocation process and core philosophy explained here.

Below you will find a graphical representation of all our portfolios plotted against risk and possible investment returns. We cannot directly control returns, although over the long term the more calculated risk  taken the higher your returns should be. We can, however, control your overall portfolio risk to any level we desire. Our main objective as your portfolio manager is to maximize the after tax total return of the portfolio given a pre-determined level of risk.


Click on portfolio titles for a more detailed description of objectives.

On the above graph, possible total portfolio returns increase as you go bottom to top and risk (measured by standard deviation) increases as you go left to right. For example our ‘Balanced’ Portfolio has the long term potential for significantly higher returns than our ‘Stable Value Fixed Income’ Portfolio, but on average will exhibit twice as much risk/volatility (Standard deviation of roughly 5% for the Stable Value vs. roughly 10% for Balanced). As a point of reference the SP500 has a standard deviation of about 18% (which is represented by the dashed line).